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Schedule an orientation tour

Complete the Registration Form to receive your enrollment packet. 

Tour the facility and meet your child’s teacher if possible.

Pay a non-refundable $75 enrollment fee; $35 for each additional child.

Obtain a copy of the Parent Handbook, you will be asked to sign the acknowledgement form.

Consult your physician to ensure your child’s health assessment form is current. The form must include a record of up-to-date immunizations and the signature of your child’s physician.

Consult your child's dentist to complete the oral health assessment form.

Complete and submit all forms. Your child will be able to attend The Learning Curve CDC once all completed forms are received.

Schedule an enrollment appointment with your child's teacher.


Our Classrooms

Classrooms are organized around interest centers and play areas that include art, math, science, language arts, blocks, dramatic play, and cooking and nutrition. The Learning Curve staff plan and facilitate these experiences for the total development of your child


.​Each classroom promotes the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and creative wellbeing of the children. We celebrate cultural diversity and incorporate multicultural perspectives throughout our curriculum.


Tuition and Yearly Contract

  • The Child Care Subsidy Program provides eligible parents or guardians with assistance with their child care fees.

  • Your child is enrolled for childcare during the year. Fees for yearly contracts begin the first day of the school-year in August and continue through the Friday before the fall session begins the next year.

  • A $75 enrollment fee is also due at the time of enrollment. All parents will be required to meet with the Director prior to any August re-enrollment to sign new contracts, go over the Parent Handbook, and pay the registration fee.

  • All co-payments or tuition is due by the 5th of each month. Invoices will be emailed to parents by the 1st of the month. Tuition payments should be made at the office in person. 

  • Early termination of the contract will require full payment for any remaining prorated days and that amount will be added to your account and be due and payable with your last billing statement.

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